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What you see is what you get…
Just don’t look too closely.

It’s official, Hans Brinker is staging the slowest campaign for world domination in history. Lisbon is the second stop on our mission to spread a flagrant disregard for standards and the global destruction of expectations.

Hans Brinker decided it was time for a sea change so we’re bringing bad taste, dubious character and a less than spotless reputation to the bustling heart of Lisbon. Hans Brinker, Lisbon strives to maintain the same below sea-level standards as the  original Hans Brinker, Amsterdam. Same crap, more sunshine.


You get what you pay for

At the Brinker you get what you pay for. The mattresses might break your back they won’t break your budget. We offer cheap accommodation in a great location, with everything you need and not much else.

We have more than 220 beds on offer; we’ve got private rooms and dorms that sleep 4-8 people. All of our rooms are ensuite.

Pool, gym, ice sculptures, famous chefs, free slippers, bell boys, floral arrangements, car services – this is a list of stuff we don’t have. Below you’ll find a list of things we do have.

While we don’t do room service or mints on pillows we do serve breakfast Monday – Friday from 07.30 – 10.00 AM, and from 7.30 to 10.30 AM on weekends.

If you’d rather be surfing the web than the waves you’ll be pleased to know that we have WiFi flowing throughout the building.

Ok, so they’re not Egyptian cotton but we will give you linen and a towel (you’ll find it in your locker), and yes you’ll be making your own bed. Whether or not you actually sleep in it is up to you.

You can make use of our luggage room before check-in and after check-out.

Our reception is open 24 hours a day – Now that’s dedication!


Brinker Lisbon is a work in progress, despite all attempts to the contrary we are becoming more impressive on a daily basis.

The Lisbon Brinker Bar will be open for beverages and for those who like a little sunshine and altitude with their beer there’s our roof terrace (it was supposed to be a room but we never got around to putting a lid on it). When the beer and then sun kick in and you can’t be bothered to move why not sink your teeth into some finger sticking good BBBQ (Brinker BBQ). We also encourage inebriation daily with our 2 for 1 happy hour.

Where is Brinker?

Brinker might not be good at a lot of things, but one thing we excel at is elbowing our way into great locations. Hans Brinker Lisbon is located smack bang in the city centre, right next to the unmissable and very popular Parque Eduardo VII. As well as being home to the infamous BBBQ the Brinker is surrounded by lively restaurants.

The old city centre is an easy 20 minutes walk from the hostel along the iconic ‘Avenida da Liberdade’

Lisbon is a walking city but if you’ve worn holes in your shoes or you’re dragging truckloads of shopping with you just jump on the metro. The Picoas (yellow line) and Parque (blue line) stations are just around the corner from the Brinker. From there, the metro will take you to and from the old city center in 5 -10 minutes. Our staff are certified Lisboan experts and they’re more than happy to tell you where to go (and how to get there).

Take it easy

Our allergy to effort means we like it when things are as easy as possible, which is why we sell public transport tickets, and the Lisbon Card (a cultural multi pass which gets you free or discounted entrance or many museums and free or discounted access to many other cultural sites and experiences). If you ask nicely we’ll even arrange walking tours, city tours, surfing lessons and pub-crawls for you, too easy!



Now with less furniture,
more room for group hugs
and floor wrestling.

The Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon welcomes different kind of groups like students, scholars, sportsteams etcetera. Hans Brinker offers dorms for the younger ones and individual rooms for the supervisors/ teachers. Besides that Hans Brinker arranges deals for meals, drinks, tours and tickets.

For questions, group-rates (with a minimum of 12 persons) and reservations, please contact us at


We are here. Your bag will be here.
You will probably be somewhere else.



We could have had a helicopter landing pad but we decided to go for a rooftop terrace instead so leave your chopper and private plane at the airport and take the Lisbon Limo, otherwise known as the bus. The tourist bus departs regularly from the airport and will drop you (almost) at our front door, at bus stop Picoas – it’ll cost you €3,15.


an even cheaper option; take the Red Line from the airport to Saldanha station and change to the Yellow Line (direction Rato) and hop off at Picoas station, it’ll cost you €1,40.


If your feeling cashed up and lazy grab a taxi, it’ll set you back about €15 from the airport.















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Our answers are mostly right, all the time.



The best of the worst


Average tips about an amazing city.


  • oh what a beautiful day!

    As usual! Did you know Lisbon is one of the sunniest places in the world? So even when the rest of Europe is pretty chilly in this time of year, you can still live the outdoorsy life in the capital of Portugal. But don’t be afraid that there’s nowhere to feel the true holiday happiness. Because even in Lisbon there’s still a Christmas Village! It’s an hour away from the city centre, but definitely worth the drive! It’s filled with games, food markets and lots of little souvenir stands. You have to be quick to get there though, cause it’s until the 3d of January.

    But if you’re not too busy doing twirls on the ice skating rink, there’s a little something called… New Year’s Eve! And that’s something you won’t easy forget when you celebrate it in Lisbon. There’s parties all over the place, so we’ll just mention the two most important ones:

    You simply can’t miss Praça do Comércio! It’s the biggest venue to watch the fireworks from. So it’s recommended you be there, on the square! From there you have a perfect view on the river, where the magic happens…

    After that, we can imagine you’d like to party a little hardy. So go to Bairro Alto! A place where the nightlife gets buzzin’ every night, but even more so on the 31th of December of course! You can squeeze yourself into a bar there, or just party on the streets. Either way, it will be amazing!


    But life will continue after 2015… And of course Lisbon will continue being great in 2016! So what’s there to do in January you say? Plenty!


    But we can imagine that the day after New Year’s Eve, you’d like to sit back and chill. Let the city unwind before your eyes on a relaxing terrace, or in a nice bar. The place to do that is Noobai Café. Drink wine, and eat olives, that’s all you need to do.


    We hope that this winter you will grow to love Lisbon as much as we do. Have a relaxing weekend in our hostel, or party hard with our amazing staff. If after reading this blog, you still want more info about Lisbon, don’t hesitate to ask us! Hans Brinker wishes you an amazing start of 2016, with great old memories, and amazing new friends!

    christmas village

  • Lisbon Off the Beaten Track: On the Cheap and Chill

    So you made it to Lisbon and got all settled in your cozy Hans Brinker dorm room. You sat outside in the hostel courtyard eating away your Barrio Alto hangover with free breakfast and coffee and now you’re ready to get out and see the city. But what is there to do besides the famous funiculars, the bustling main square and the viewpoints? Whether you’ve already checked the big must-sees off your list or you’re just not feeling up for the tourist shuffle, it’s always nice to know what else there is to do in a city.

    Here are three cheap, chill and off the beaten track suggestions for things to do when you’re feeling a little quirkier than the main attractions.


    Street Art and a Picnic in the Park

    Just down the street from Hans Brinker, two big names in street art have created huge murals along a series of buildings. Make a left out of the hostel door, walk 10 seconds to the end of the street and pop in the grocery store straight ahead (slightly right, Pingo Doce) and pick up some picnic supplies. Make a right out of the grocery store and head 2 blocks to Av Fontes Pereira de Melo. Turn right (staying on the same side of the street so you can get better pictures) and about 2 minutes away you’ll pass by the murals. Once sufficiently stared at, contemplated, and photographed, continue walking down that street to Parques Eduardo VII and find yourself a cheerful spot to picnic. Once you fancy a walk again, saunter on up towards the top of the park and find the Estufa Fria- a lovely botanical garden that’s only €3.50 to enter and explore.

    Parque de Fonte Luminosa

    For another relaxing and completely free park experience, head the opposite way out of the hostel and turn right on Avenida Duque d’Avila. Stay straight about 10 minutes until the street loops around and to the right you’ll see Parque da Fonte Luminosa. On the far end of this park is a breathtaking fountain to drift you away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. You’re very likely to be the only non-local there. Bring a book and you could spend hours at this lovely park, which is perfect because the fountain is even more magical when it’s illuminated at night.

    Museu Nacional de Azulejo

    Even after weeks, I still find myself gawking at all of Lisbon’s azulejos.. those glossy, colorful, none-like-the-next tiles that make this city so beautiful and unique. The different patterns, designs, shades of every hue– all arranged in endless ways on the cascading buildings. They can’t get old because they’re never the same. Luckily- if you can’t get enough of them either- there’s this tile museum. Housed in a former monastery (which is cool enough in itself) this museum will teach you the massive history and meanings behind these tiny tiles. Add in a beautiful church, courtyard cafe, and only €5 entry (free if you happen to be around on the first Sunday of the month) and you have yourself a cheap, chill, off-the-path afternoon.

    Books and fountains. Gardens, picnics, and street art. Cafes and a tile museum. All for under €10. Nothing too crazy, nowhere too touristy, but all perfectly Lisbon.

    Written by:

    Danie is a freelance travel writer with degrees in Journalism and Psychology from New York University. You can follow her travels at

  • dear brinker fans,


    Welcome to a new fabulous edition of the Brinker Blog. With new and improved budget tips on how to survive in Lisbon. The first and most important tip is: Stay in the Hans Brinker hostel!

    Tip two: Don’t stay in the Hans Brinker Hostel during the day! We know, we know: it’s amazing with the new bar, cool staff and great atmosphere. But we do want to encourage you to explore the city (Just be back in time for Happy Hour).

    So what could you do from 10.00 until 17.00? Well, you could go shopping! In the Chiado area you can find great outfits with a great price tag. The streets are filled with international brands like Zara, but are interspersed with little Portuguese boutiques.

    We know you could spend weeks in this area, but let’s say you’re up for something a little more cultural. In that case, our number one recommendation is the monastery, a little bit outside of the city. With a tram you’re there within minutes though. The monastery is huge! Impressive! And free on Sunday from 10.00 until 14.00! Now that’s useful info isn’t it?

    But what if you want to combine something cultural with a little exercise? Even then we have tips for you: take a walk to the Castelo de Sao Jorge. It takes about an hour, uphill, but you will get rewarded with an amazing view over the city. It’s very worth it.

    But maybe you don’t want to have an exercise. Maybe you just want to lay low, chill, and you’re already getting tired by reading about all these exhausting activities. Then we also have an option for you: The beach! The weather is pretty good in Portugal, so you’ll probably have a good time in the sunshine. If you take the train from Lisbon, it will drive you to the beach of Cascais within half an hour.

    By the end of the day, if you’ve had an active day or not, you’ll probably want to chill with a drink. We already mentioned our Happy Hour, so we’re just assuming you aren’t going to miss that one. But if you really want to party like a rock star, and leave our beautiful bar behind for the night: Lux Fragil is the place to be. Dance like it’s nobody’s business, and we’ll see you back at breakfast.


    castelo de s jorge

  • dear brinker fans,

    For already a whole month and a bit the Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon is a fact. With great excitement, we are happy to announce that it is now possible to undergo the Hans Brinker experience elevenhundredandfiftyfive miles south from Amsterdam. A Hans Brinker in a different climate, warm, close to the beach.

    We can imagine you feel a bit confused by this, wondering: will the Brinker experience be the same if you’re not staying in a dodgy hole in Amsterdam? To make sure you won’t be disappointed, we’ve been working hard during the last month(s) to make your stay in Lisbon as Brinker-comfortable as possible:

    – We’ve been very busy with the decoration of the hotel. We’ve added some fantastic, state-of-the-art wallpaper which will make you feel like the walls are about to attack you. Just like a very jolly prison cell. Or the rooms in the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam.

    wallpaper hans brinker hostel lisbon

    – Throughout the hostel we’ve put up quite useful, informative signs to show you where you are, where you   should go and what you should or shouldn’t do. Just to help you out. That’s us.

    sign hans brinker hostel lisbon

    – We’ve hired some exceptionally grumpy receptionists, to make you feel even more at home.

    reception hans brinker hostel

    – A hostel can’t be named Hans Brinker if it doesn’t have a bar. So we’re making one. Especially for you. With roof terrace, how about that! By the end of June you should be able to enjoy your beer at this wonderful place, served of course by our churlish bartenders.

    construction bar hans brinker hostel lisbon

    We hope to see you there and enjoy our beer together. Let us know what you think about our makeover(s)!



07:30 – 10:00
07:30 – 10:30
17:00 – 19:00



A visit to Lisbon and the Brinker is a lot like climbing Everest, trekking through the Amazon, using Indian public toilets or camping in the Australian outback; your chance of survival is greatly enhanced if you come prepared. With that in mind and the experiences of previous guests we have prepared a list of handy essentials we suggest you bring to a city with a disposition so sunny it’ll peel the skin from your shoulders.

• Earplugs (drunk people snore in surround sound)

• A bag full of breadcrumbs (so you can find your way home)

• Oversized novelty sunglasses

• A toothbrush

• Tea bags (No we don’t have PG tips)

• A fake mustache (or a real one would also be ok)

• Spare underpants (This item of clothing is surprisingly easy to lose)

• A toothbrush (we put it on there twice so you don’t forget)

• Condoms

• A lightsaber

• A list of pick up lines

• An app that translates above pick-up lines into various languages

• Socks

• Vitamins (not disco vitamins, actual life preserving vitamins)

• Those dissolvable tablets that claim to cure a hangover

• Comfortable shoes (ladies from Britain, this one is for you)

• Deodorant (your roomies will thank you for it)

• An oversized novelty cup

• A magic marker

• That weird hand cleaning jelly (can also be used to clean other body parts)